Publishing Services

Publishing Services by Our Partner:

Page Layout

We offer layout services to prepare your book, magazine, catalogue or other material for publication in print or digital formats.

Graphic Design

We offer graphic design services from any publication from flyers to book covers to entire books, magazines and catalogues.


Through our Publish Now! division, we offer publication consultation services for authors wanting to publish their own books.

Manuscript Editing

Offering resources to have your manuscript professionally edited and proofread. Even editors need editors, do not skip this important step to having a polished manuscript.

Book Design/Layout

We offer our own services at a discount to our Publish Now! clients or can direct you to other services and even do-it-yourself options to prepare your book for publication.

Go Publish!

This is where the hard work begins--getting all things ready to go publish your book to the world. This includes marketing and publishing your book in digital and/or print formats.