What is Ecommerce ?

Ecommerce quite literally means conducting business transactions on the web. The word specifically refers to a website that offers products and services which can be paid for over the Internet via a shopping cart solution. Comprehensive ecommerce development however, includes website design and development, CMS implementation, Search Engine Optimization, web analytics and marketing and promotion strategy. Not all websites fall under the ecommerce bracket because many websites exist solely as information portals or promotional platforms.

Developing Your Ecommerce Website

To operate a successful ecommerce website you will need a facility capable of enticing consumers towards your product base, securely conducting your financial transactions via a shopping cart solution and managing your customer relations. You will also need access to site analytics and the ability to update content and media whenever you please. If you employ a team you may require permissions based access to specific areas of the site. This can be easily managed through the CMS aspect of your ecommerce website.

Prosols Technology Ecommerce Solution

At Prosols Technology we are passionate about making businesses successful online. We don't just measure our success on the technology we are capable of using or the functionalities we implement, we measure our success on your success, which means a high ROI, high rates of traffic and a consistently high revenue stream. We build you a fully comprehensive ecommerce solution for your business. We tailor make a solution best suited to the requirements of your business. We provide:

  • High level website usability and design
  • Secure shopping cart program
  • User friendly category and product structure
  • Easy to use analytics to track user behavior and conversions
  • Fully integrated CMS
  • Search Engine friendly site functionality

According to research, 80% of ecommerce websites are under developed for the purpose of successful ecommerce and under optimized for the purpose of ranking highly within the search engines. At Prosols Technology we optimize your site to ensure you achieve high conversion rates, solid search engine visibility and high level user popularity.

We make your online store more stylish, powerful and more importantly profitable. Our efficient processes ensure that your shoppers enjoy the most superior retail experience.

Our strategies are targeted to convert your online store into a superstore by:

  • Knowing the consumer long before he/she enters your e-commerce store
  • Micro-manage the website and the multi-conversion process
  • Critically manage product categories, brands and prices
  • Incorporate merchandizing cues like promotions, recommendations, up-sells and cross-sells

In a conventional store, merchandising is the key element. Yet we found that an ecommerce website does not place the same weight to merchandising as well as design for two main reasons. One is having the knowledge and possibilities. Second is worrying about the cost involved. Prosols Technology has the know-how and we know how to make the task affordable. When we look at the e-commerce superstore merchandising we identify four areas of usage analysis:

Product assortment

Product assortment evaluates the appeal of the product to the online store visitors. The points of evaluation are brand, quality, selection, inventory and price.

Merchandising cues


It is your ability to add product to the consumer shopping cart and increase the total sale.


Entice the consumer to buy more features or better product than planned.

Shopping metaphor

Shopping metaphors in an online store are different ways that shoppers use to find products of interest. The browsing technology we make available to the user to find the product of interest.