Desktop Application Development

Desktop applications are those applications that run Desktop or laptop computer. The term is used either to contrast such "native" applications with Web-based applications that also run in the same computer, or to contrast personal computer applications with mobile phone applications

Desktop applications can be of various types, like
Client Server Applications
Thin Client Applications
Thick Client Applications
Smart Client Applications

Desktop applications can be created in various technologies. We also provide our services for desktop application either as a part of enterprise solution or specific solution in multiple technologies.

Desktop Application Development Services

The range of services that we offer in desktop application development genre includes:
Desktop software management
Desktop to web software migration
Desktop application developers
Desktop and web application integration
We design, develop and maintain Desktop applications that are effective, easy to use, scalable and easy-to-maintain.
Our applications facilitate enhancements that are modular. We have been able to achieve this because our architectures are robust, scalable and manageable.
Our Desktop Applications development spans several programming languages like
1.NET both using C# or VB.NET
2.JAVA based desktop applications

Our applications are secure, because we have a lot of thrust on architecture, design and security
Our applications take care of globalization
Legacy Application Migration to latest technologies

Features of Desktop Applications

Few features and functionalities of desktop applications that we develop are as follows:
Seamlessly downloadable application which can be easily installed and will work like tradition desktop applications
Multiple operating system compatibility
Quick to install
Flexible to carry out more than one work
Support big files
Can be integrated on client's independent platform
Easy to use interface
Cost effective